Dating Profiles Becoming More Common as Evidence in Divorce

Dating online has become incredibly popular over the last decade. Because it’s so recent, people have been unused to how to treat their online profiles. While the convenience of meeting and romancing people online might seem more intimate than meeting someone at a bar or through a friend, your online dating profile is anything but private.

According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), their member survey showed 59% of the nation’s top divorce lawyers had seen an increase in the number of cases using evidence taken from dating websites. At the time the survey was taken, was the top website for online dating site evidence with 64% of the respondents.

Dating during the divorce proceeding isn’t necessarily the problem either; rather, on these online profiles, some people tend to embellish the truth or outright lie. Some attorneys use the evidence of a person stating he or she is childless on their dating profile as proof the parent doesn’t care much for their kids. Likewise, if an individual is claiming a higher salary on the dating site than they’ve claimed in court, who exactly are they lying to?

While fudging the truth online isn’t exactly a new practice, it can get you in trouble if your ex’s lawyer can use it against you. Make sure if you’re dating online, you aren’t lying about your situation at all. You may even want to refrain from creating an online dating profile until after your divorce has been finalized completely.

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