Tips on Negotiating Alimony in California

Alimony, otherwise known as spousal support, is sometimes awarded during a divorce if one of the spouses is unable to support himself or herself following the proceedings financially. For example, if one parent was a stay-at-home parent who was fully supported financially by the other spouse, he or she might be awarded spousal support until he or she is able to reenter the workforce.

Most payments are intended to be rehabilitative and usually only cover a transitional period. Likewise, they are rarely awarded by courts in California. However, it’s still important you negotiate these payments with your ex, so you do not end up paying more than is reasonable.

The best way to do this is with the help of an attorney. You are more likely to get a favorable settlement if you hire a lawyer who will work on your behalf and help you meet your goals. An excellent attorney who is familiar with family law negotiations will have had experience with similar cases in the past.

Likewise, whenever entering negotiations, you’re more likely to benefit by being reasonable. If you can compromise on another aspect of the divorce, you may be able to reduce the amount of spousal support you’ll have to pay. When negotiating, always make sure to consider the offer before accepting or rejecting it. Your spouse’s lawyer will usually begin negotiations with an unreasonable offer they don’t expect you to take. Your lawyer will make a counteroffer, and negotiations will proceed from there.

Last, remember you will also have to share custody if you have children and divide all your marital assets. When negotiating payments, you should remind your spouse about the outcome of your asset division. A more generous asset division should reduce the amount of alimony you might have to pay. Also, if you’re paying more toward child support, your spouse may be more inclined to take a reduction in alimony payments.

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