Issues to Think About When Planning to Divorce

Divorce is rarely an easy decision to make, particularly if you’ve been involved with your spouse for many years. If you’ve found yourself thinking about whether or not divorce is the best option, there are a few important issues to consider before making a choice to proceed.

Why You’re Divorcing

Before you break the news to your spouse, you should consider why you are feeling doubts about your marriage. Is it based on an isolated event or have you been feeling like this for an extended period? Have you discussed your feelings openly and honestly with your spouse? Do you and your spouse want to try working on your marriage with counseling? If you consider these questions and find there is no way to repair the damage to your relationship, you can proceed to think about other relevant details.

Potential Consequences

Divorce can be lengthy, complicated, and ugly, but it can also be quick and painless, depending on the couple. For most, however, divorce is traumatic and sad, even if both parties agree it’s the best course of action. The biggest consequences to a divorce, apart from the emotional implications, are the repercussions of the divorce proceeding. Marital property will have to be divided, and you will need to determine child custody if you share children. The entire process can also be expensive, especially if you and your ex both hire attorneys.

Practical Issues

Along with the potential consequences, you should remember the concrete aspects of what your life will be like following the divorce. You and your spouse will have to assemble all documents related to your shared and separate assets. At least one of you will move out of the home you currently share, which means you will have to both pay more in rent and/ or mortgage. If you or your spouse doesn’t have a full-time job, you might have to find one that provides more income for your new life. You might need to support yourself and your children if you are granted full physical custody.

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