Divorce Tax Issues Backed by 100+ Years' Experience

Divorce Tax Issues

People coping with divorce are often challenged beyond their limits by the information they believe they must process and the many decisions that must be made. One critical area that can be especially difficult to manage is evaluation of the tax implications of those many decisions.

Taxation Issue Spotting And Protection Against Financial Surprises After Divorce

At the Burch Shepard Family Law Group, in Newport Beach, our attorneys' broad financial knowledge and dedication to comprehensive protection of clients' financial interests set us apart from many firms. For you, this means that, for example:

  • If a decision you must make may have substantial tax implications, we view analysis and quantification of those tax matters as a core part of our role in serving you.
  • If tax information should be considered in any aspect of divorce negotiations, mediation or litigation, we bring that information forward.
  • If your needs associated with complex property division in a high net worth divorce require specialized tax analysis, we will call upon the most accomplished expert resources available.

Whether your divorce is generally amicable or intensely contested, preparing for the unknown aspects of life after divorce is a challenge. Our Orange County divorce lawyers bring solid tax knowledge to the cases they handle in order to help our clients make sound, informed decisions and avoid financial "aftershocks."

This includes diligence in helping you understand taxation relative to spousal support and child support and division of retirement accounts, as well as tax issues associated with transfer or sale of a family residence, other real estate, a family business buyout, or any other transaction.

Diligence In Financial Matters: Essential If You Have Sizable Assets On The Line

Because a substantial portion of our practice has long been devoted to divorce for business owners, medical professionals, executives and other high-income individuals, we are adept at processing financial information and shaping our work for clients accordingly.

If you need legitimate full-service divorce counsel or help with any other family law matter of a financial nature, we encourage you to turn to our respected law firm.

Our Newport Beach family law attorneys strive for the utmost levels of diligence, professionalism, clarity and efficiency when it comes to divorce and taxes. Call today at (949) 565-4158!

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