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Parent with child custodyChild custody and visitation issues can be a source of acrimony and contention during and after a divorce proceeding. At the Burch Shepard Family Law Group, our family law attorneys provide advice and representation in these difficult matters.

In many cases, our lawyers can arrive at fair and workable custody and visitation agreements through negotiation with the lawyer for the other spouse, or the mandatory mediation process. Other more contentious child custody cases may require extensive investigations by the court, psychological evaluations and a trial.

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A Broad Range Of Family Law Experience

Our family law firm in Orange County, CA, has successfully represented clients across the whole spectrum of child custody and visitation issues. Whatever your matter, our lawyers can provide sound advice which protects your legal rights and the interests of your child.

We advise and represent clients in family matters involving:

While the court in Orange County, will always decide in favor of "the best interests of the child," it generally favors joint legal custody. This means that both parents share responsibility for major decisions regarding the child's education, health care and religious upbringing. In custody cases involving domestic violence or parental neglect, the judge in Orange County may award sole legal custody to one parent.

How Can a Father Lose Custody in California?

A father can lose custody in California if the court finds that he is violating his child custody orders and it is not in the child's best interests.

Violating a custody order for a variety of reasons can include:

  • Abuse or neglect. If a father has abused or neglected his child, the court may determine he is not fit to have custody. This includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse. It also includes neglect, such as failing to provide food, shelter, or medical care.
  • Domestic violence. If a father has been involved in domestic violence, the court may be concerned that he will also be violent toward his children. This includes physical violence, sexual violence, and emotional abuse.
  • Substance abuse. If a father has a substance abuse problem, the court may be concerned that he cannot care for his children properly. This includes issues with alcohol, drugs, and gambling.
  • Mental illness. If a father has a severe mental illness, the court may be concerned that he cannot properly care for his children. This includes conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression.
  • Criminal history. If a father has a criminal record, the court may be concerned that he will be a danger to his children. This includes convictions for violent crimes, sexual crimes, and drug offenses.
  • Inability to provide a stable home. If a father cannot provide a stable home for his children, the court may determine that it is not in the children's best interests to live with him. This could include situations where the father is homeless, has a history of moving frequently, or has a chaotic lifestyle.
  • Unable to cooperate with the other parent. If a father is unwilling to cooperate with the other parent in matters relating to the children, the court may determine that it is not in the children's best interests to live with him. This could include situations where the father refuses to communicate with the other parent, interferes with the other parent's parenting time, or makes false accusations against the other parent.

It is important to note that these are just reasons a father may lose custody in California. The court will consider each case's facts and circumstances when deciding custody.

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