Former NFL football player has domestic violence charge

Individuals who have to contend with domestic violence have a number of issues that they need to work through. Domestic violence victims have to deal with the physical as well as the psychological abuse and the emotional toll both take. For those in this type of situation, help may seem like a million miles away because part of domestic abuse is to isolate the victim from friends and family so they feel alone and that they can't reach out to anyone for assistance. Being in a domestically abusive relationship tends to grow increasingly more abusive as the years pass on unless the victims seek help. Domestic violence crosses all racial, financial and cultural barriers. Anyone can become a potential victim of this type of violence.

Orange County residents may not be aware that Keyshawn Johnson, an ex-NFL wide receiver and an analyst for ESPN, was recently arrested on a domestic violence charge stemming from an incident with his ex. Allegedly, Johnson was having a disagreement with his ex when he slammed a cell phone to the ground. In doing this, his ex's hand received a substantial cut. Based on what occurred, the police arrested Johnson for domestic battery. Johnson apparently admitted to throwing the phone to the ground but not battery charges.

No matter how small or how great the domestic violence is, the first step in resolving disputes of this nature is to report the abuse. Reporting is probably the hardest thing for a victim of domestic violence to do. But, once reported, legal steps can be taken to protect the victim from further violence. In domestic violence cases, the courts can be compelled to issue restraining orders to ensure that the victim doesn't endure any more abuse. Restraining orders can be either temporary or permanent and this is based on the facts and circumstances of the individual's case.

Talking about and reporting domestic violence is the first step in putting an end to the violence.