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Business Owners And Divorce

If you own your own business, have a substantial stake in a partnership or have other holdings on the line, you certainly need experienced legal representation in your divorce. How your business is valued and how the court views your financial obligations to your spouse will likely have a dramatic impact on your financial situation.

Attorneys Dedicated To Protecting Your Business Assets During A Divorce

At the Burch Shepard Family Law Group, you will work with attorneys who have focused on California family law for their entire distinguished careers. We have built a clear strength in divorce for business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and licensed professionals through our case-building skills and tenacity in litigation.

Assembling The Ideal Team To Analyze Your Case And Assert Your Position

We have ready access to skilled forensic accountants, tax professionals, business valuation experts and other specialized talent.

Our lawyers provide personal attention and manage all aspects of your complex case, focusing on pivotal matters such as:

  • Business valuation, including establishment of the proper valuation date of that business and ensuring valuation methods that are fair to you are applied.
  • Resolving issues surrounding separate property vs. marital property if you brought business interests into the marriage.
  • Analyzing the strength and enforceability of any prenuptial agreement or other marital contract you have in place.
  • Defending your authority and autonomy to operate your business going forward, without the encumbrance of an ex-spouse's involvement.
  • Protecting business assets, including confidential and proprietary information as well as real estate, equipment, and other hard assets.

Turn To The Adept Negotiators And Trial-Proven Litigators At Our Firm

You can turn to our firm in Orange County with confidence that we will grasp your most important goals and aggressively defend your financial future. We have effectively negotiated and defended against buyout demands and helped many clients emerge from complex divorces with their business interests intact.

To schedule a consultation, call us at (949) 565-4158 today. Our experience can help you navigate your divorce while protecting your business.

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