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Business owners considering or facing divorce must plan carefully to ensure maximum protection of their financial interests. Many such cases carry the potential for complex, time-consuming disputes over business valuation and complex property division. Your choice of legal counsel could make all the difference when it comes to your ability to sustain your business and support your lifestyle.

Protect your financial interests in a divorce. Contact our Orange County business valuation lawyers online or by calling (949) 565-4158 today.

Sophisticated, Comprehensive Family Law Representation By Dedicated Lawyers

Applying decades of experience in high net worth divorce, including successful representation of numerous business owners and their spouses, our attorneys build and handle your case according to your goals. This includes performing the necessary research, negotiating creatively and fighting aggressively for you in litigation if that is what your case requires.

Enlisting Qualified Experts To Build The Strongest Possible Case For You

Our strengths as Orange County family law and business valuation lawyers include:

  • Direct access to certified valuation analysts (CVAs), accountants and other trusted business experts who will define and apply the best business valuation method for your situation.
  • Proven skill in attacking valuation methods used by other parties to improve their positions at our clients' expense.
  • Diligence in issue spotting, including thorough assessment of the tax consequences of various financial decisions and settlement options.
  • Steadfast consciousness of the demands of your business and career, as well as the importance of protecting your professional reputation and decision-making authority.

From protection of your critical business interests in negotiation of complex property division to skillfully handling spousal support disputes, our law firm is a proven, dependable resource.

To begin exploring options and establishing a strategy for getting through your divorce with your assets and business future as intact as possible, contact us today.

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