How to Tell Your Boss About Your Divorce

If you and your spouse are going through a divorce, you are probably starting to contemplate how to tell others about it. Telling your children, your family, and your friends will undoubtedly be an emotional task that can take a toll, but what should you do when it comes to your professional life? Should you tell your boss? While it is certainly not a requirement, keep in mind that if you end up having court appointments, counseling appointments, or have to attend divorce mediation, any number of these plans could interfere with your work schedule. You are also going to have to make changes to your health care plan, tax status, and other paperwork, so instead of trying to keep it to yourself, it is generally wise to inform your boss of your impending divorce.

For some, it might sound improper to discuss such a personal matter with an employer, but there are ways to go about this conversation while maintaining an air of professionalism.

Below is a list of some tips on how you should go about informing your boss about your divorce:

  • Do not let the conversation become a confessional: The amount of information you divulge regarding your divorce can make a huge difference in how you are perceived by your boss. Instead of telling him or her why you and your spouse are getting a divorce, stick to what is important. In this context, your boss will want to know how the divorce will affect your work schedule, if you will have to miss time, and if you can keep up with your standard workload. If you have the answers to these questions, provide them. If not, tell your boss what you know and keep him or her updated as you learn more about your future appointments. There is no reason to get into the nasty details about your divorce.
  • Try to let your boss know what to expect: If you are in the early stages of your divorce, it is probably too soon to say how much time will be consumed by it or how it might impact your ability to perform your duties, but try to provide as much information as possible. If the divorce is hitting you particularly hard, be honest, and let your boss know that this is an emotional time for you and might need some extra time or understanding.
  • Do not use your divorce as an excuse: There is a fine line between needing some compassion and understanding and using your divorce as an excuse for failing at your job.  Do not take advantage of your employer’s kindness by using your situation as a reason for why you are not performing your work. Yes, it is a tough time, but there are still consequences for not doing what you are being paid to do.
  • Ask about any necessary paperwork: Your marital status is going to change, which means you are going to have to update your information with human resources, such as tax information or your health care information. Ask your boss what needs to be done on your end to ensure that all the appropriate steps are taken.

Divorce is never a walk in the park, no matter how amicable the situation is. While you should not turn this into a venting session with your boss, let him or her know if you are experiencing a difficult time, but do not take advantage of the understanding and compassion you receive.

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