Why January is the Busiest Time for Divorces

Once the holidays are over and another year begins, troubled couples often want to get their lives straightened out and start a new chapter by filing for divorce. Divorce lawyers throughout the country understand that January is the busiest time for divorces. But why?

The following are the reasons why January is the most popular month for divorce:

  1. Nobody wants to ruin the holiday season. People often worry that if they file for divorce during Thanksgiving or Christmas, it can disrupt the holidays for their family, especially the children. In addition, this sort of timing has future repercussions – if a divorce occurs on Christmas, then the children will associate the family breaking apart with Christmas forever.
  2. Not as difficult for the spouses. Whether it’s a family get-together, an office party, a party hosted by friends, a school concert, or a school play, people often tend to have full schedules during the holidays. Being busy attending all of these events can be exhausting. Then when you add the initiation of a divorce, you can be too busy to handle it all.
  3. The last straw. A couple with marital troubles may go into the holidays optimistically, hoping that something will occur that will turn everything around. However, things only get worse. The stress of the holiday season and their marriage reaches a boiling point as soon as the next year arrives, ultimately resulting in a divorce.
  4. New Year’s resolutions. People typically evaluate their lives toward the end of the year and realize that they are not happy. If the sadness is derived from the marriage, a divorce is a viable option.

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