Survive the Holidays During Divorce

The holidays can be a difficult time for many of our clients going through a divorce. Not only are you emotionally drained from the stress of splitting your assets, working out child custody disagreements, and still managing to change poopy diapers, but your finances are likely tight due to the shift in your household income.

If you are like many mothers and fathers going through a divorce, you are likely in survival mode. However, as the dust settles, you might start to realize you’ll be alone for Christmas. You won’t wake up to the inevitable knobby kid’s knee to the gut as your child climbs into your bed screaming, “Mommy! Daddy! Santa came!” So, how do you survive without feeling alone this holiday season?

In this blog, our Newport Beach divorce attorneys provide a few tips on how you can survive the holidays while going through a divorce.

1.Tell People You’ll Be Alone: You’d be surprised how many invitations you’ll get! It may be your friend inviting you over to their family’s holiday gathering of a fellow divorcee looking for some companionship.

2.See an Adult Movie: Think about the last time you saw a movie that wasn’t animated. See that rated-R movie you can’t take the kids to; the theaters are open on Christmas! Let yourself sink into the cushy reclining chair with popcorn and soda and become so engrossed in the movie you forget the holidays for the next two hours.

3.Get Moving: If you’re depressed about being alone for the holidays, hit the gym. It’s a scientific fact that when we work out, our bodies release endorphins, which make us happy. Don’t have a gym membership? Grab the lease and take the dog for a walk. Don’t have a dog? Call a friend to take a morning stroll.

4.Reschedule the holiday with your kids: So you won’t be with your kids on Christmas morning, this is a reality for many divorced parents. The holidays are what you make them, why not talk to your kids and work out a time to reschedule Christmas. Tell them Santa still came to your house to drop off presents and schedule Christmas with your kids the next day or weekend.

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