Latino groups raise domestic violence awareness

Some might believe that domestic violence only affects certain groups of people, certain genders or income levels and so on. However, domestic abuse can happen to anyone regardless of their race, gender, age, sexual orientation or religion. Recently, some Latino groups have come together to raise more awareness on this important issue in their community.

The new campaign is called "Decimos no mas," which translates to "we say no more." The campaign involves public service announcements on the topic of domestic violence as well as other resources; the goal is to spark a dialogue on this uncomfortable yet important subject. Here in California, there are many resources available when it comes to protecting one's rights in the face of domestic abuse. Obtaining an emergency protective order is just one step a survivor may take in order to protect themselves and their loved ones when family issues become violent.

The campaign was released earlier this month. During the holidays, it may be easier than usual for family disputes to become extremely contentious. Families at any income level may be dealing with strained finances and multiple obligations. With the New Year around the corner, many may also be pondering a fresh start and ways to re-structure their family in a more healthy manner.

A nationwide study released last April showed that, out of 800 Latinos surveyed, one out of four knew someone who had been victimized by a form of sexual assault. In addition, almost half indicated they knew a victim of domestic violence.

For both Latinos and non-Latinos alike, initiating a domestic violence complaint can seem overwhelming. From understanding how the law defines domestic violence to learning about the penalties for violating a protective order, there are many things an Orange County domestic violence attorney can assist with.