Resolving disagreements over child custody

It is certainly not unusual for there to be disagreements during a divorce. After all, a marriage usually comes to an end because spouses cannot agree on certain important issues. Thus, it is expected that even an amicable divorce will feature a few disagreements. Some disputes run deeper than others, though, and those involving child custody can be among the most heated in any divorce or breakup. It's helpful to know there are options when couples simply cannot agree on a final child custody outcome.

Parents should know, though, that if they cannot agree in a child custody dispute, it is likely that a judge will end up making the final decision. This doesn't mean, though, that the outcome will be a negative one. California judges will strive to make a decision in the child's best interests; an Orange County child custody attorney can explain this important legal concept and what it means for local families struggling with custody decisions.

Prior to a child custody trial or hearing in California, parents are required to meet with a court-trained counselor. The counselor's role is to attempt to get parents to come to an agreement on custody and their parenting plan. Sometimes, these sessions will result in parties actually coming to an agreement on legal custody and physical custody.

However, at times couples will still disagree. In some instances the judge in a child custody case will order a psychological evaluation of the family, or the court may appoint a lawyer for the child in question. These situations can be understandably difficult for parties and legal advice from a qualified attorney may be appropriate.

Parents whose objective is either joint custody or sole custody can avail themselves of the services of an experience family law attorney. Deciding child custody is never easy, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming.