A personalized strategy for your military divorce case

As with many aspects of the law, there are often different rules for military members than there are for civilians. This is true in family law, particularly in divorce where military laws and federal regulations can intersect with state law and a military member's own unique situation. At the center of all of this is usually the desire to move one's family forward in a positive and productive manner. At the law firm of Burch, Coulston & Shepard LLP, a current or former member of the armed forces can learn how to do just that.

Military divorce is never easy, but it can be made easier to manage with the help of experienced attorneys. The family lawyers at Burch, Coulston & Shepard have already handled numerous military divorce cases for residents of Camp Pendleton and beyond. Thanks to strategic legal advice, many of these military divorce cases have ended in fair resolutions for the parties and families involved.

What can an Orange County divorce attorney do for your military divorce case? For those currently in the military, an attorney can form a personalized strategy for a fair property division outcome, including the division of military pay and benefits. In addition, an attorney can explain the ramifications of various child custody options, helping form solutions that preserve the child's relationships with family members. For retired military personnel, an attorney can offer legal advice that includes information on retirement pay and benefits for both the former service member and his or her spouse.

Those in the military may have anxiety about the impact of a divorce on their personal relationships and finances. A divorce does not have to be overly complicated, though, if one obtains the right type of legal advice early on. A consultation with a California military divorce lawyer can allow parties to a divorce to breathe a little easier knowing their rights will be protected and asserted.