Halle Berry agrees to substantial child support payments

For most people in California, raising a child is expensive. It can be hard enough when both parents are providing for a child but when a separation or divorce occurs, the financial burden on just one parent can be even more challenging. This is where child support comes into play. Child support is awarded by the court to ensure that the child's needs are met on a monetary level. The parents' split should not negatively affect the child financially and the courts will try to make sure this does not happen.

In determining the amount of child support, California courts look at the income of both parents. In many cases the parents reach a negotiated settlement, which is then reviewed and approved or rejected by the court.

Halle Berry, a world-renowned actress, is looking at a pretty substantial child support bill. She reached a settlement with the father of her daughter, under which she will pay about $16,000 per month in child support payments. She has also agreed to be responsible for paying their daughter's school tuition. Moreover, the actress has to pay over $400,000 for her ex's lawyer's fees. Child support usually falls to the parent that has the financial capacity to pay and in this case that is Berry.

There used to be a time when child support payments fell on the man's shoulders because usually they were the ones in a financial position to pay. Nowadays, with more women making substantial incomes, child support is now falling on their shoulders.