Deaths in domestic violence cases rose in Southern California

One of the most difficult types of violence for society to deal with is domestic violence because it occurs within the bounds on an intimate relationship. Because of the nature of the relationship, domestic violence tends to go unnoticed and unreported; the victim usually does not feel empowered to report the crime. The emotional and physical toll that the violence takes on someone who is being abused in this way can be profound. On top of that, if children are a part of the equation, the victim will most likely be even more hesitant to report domestic violence for fear that the children will be endangered in some way.

In a community in Southern California, it has been noted that homicides caused by domestic violence increased last year. The number of homicides there in 2013 that were attributed to domestic violence was 34 out of a total of 93 homicides altogether. The study further illustrated that one of the main triggers behind deaths related to domestic violence was finances. Apparently, individuals who experienced financial stress were more likely to participate in abusive behavior towards their domestic partner. This was not the only factor in homicides as a result of domestic violence, but it was a leading cause according to the study.

In order for the authorities and the courts to protect victims of domestic violence or to even have an opportunity to protect domestic violence victims, the violence has to be reported. Silence in this matter could literally mean life or death for the individual beingabused. Once reported, the courts can issue restraining orders and offer other types of protection aimed and ensuring that the victim and the victim's family are safe.

Causes of domestic violence can vary but one thing holds true: if the violence is reported then the victims have a fighting chance at putting an end to the cycle of violence.