Utilizing smartphones to pay child support could be ingenious

The recurring theme in child support matters is that the support payments must be paid in a timely fashion. Once a court makes a determination about child support and mandates who is to make the payments on a scheduled basis, then the payments must be made. Outside of a modification order, where the court will revisit a child support payment situation when a financial hardship exists, the court expects that its orders will be followed and that support payments are paid. And when this is not done, court involvement is most likely inevitable.

In one state there is now a child support payment app for smartphones on which those who have to pay child support can keep track of when their scheduled payments are due and pay them accordingly. Moreover, the app will allow individuals to schedule hearings as well as monitor any child support enforcements and keep track of disbursements. According to the Department of Health and Human Services in that state, since most everyone has a smartphone this seemed like a natural fit for getting people to make their child support payments and be actively involved in the process.

Problems arise with child support when payments are not made. The courts do not take kindly to people who are ordered to pay child support not doing so. As such, the courts do have recourse when payments are not made, which can include fines and jail time if the actions and behaviors are so egregious that this type of punishment is warranted.