Divorcing couples are throwing parties in celebration

Divorce, whether it is a military divorce or a civilian divorce, can be an emotional rollercoaster for all involved. Not only do parties to a divorce have to deal with issues like child custody and the fair division of military benefits, but they also have to attempt to keep their emotions in check all the while. Courts are there to assist where they are needed. Sometimes, in contested divorces, the courts have to render decisions in areas where the parties cannot come to an agreement. Other times, divorces can be amicable with no ill-will among the parties.

Although a lot of negative feelings and behaviors can accompany a divorce, in many cases it is the best alternative to an increasingly unhealthy relationship. Nowadays, when a divorce is finalized, people are starting to throw themselves divorce parties. These parties can consist of having a cake specially made for the divorce, as well as a comprehensive guest list. With these divorce parties, it is evident that the stigma of divorce is no longer present. Divorce happens and it is a big part of society, and it appears that society is starting to accept it in its totality.

Before the party, however, all of the other things that go into a divorce have to be addressed. For instance, child custody is a major divorce matter that the courts have to take care of. The court applies the "best interest of the child" standard to determine where a child should reside, taking into consideration all appropriate facts and circumstances. There are times when the court will solicit the child's advice on where they want to live, if the child is of age and if it's feasible.