Man is apprehended on domestic violence charges

Being in an abusive relationship is not only physically unbearable but it is also emotionally taxing as well. When a victim of domestic violence has to struggle to protect herself and her loved ones, it can be overwhelming. Often times domestic violence victims don't feel as though there is anyone out there that can help them because they feel trapped in a helpless situation. The goal of perpetrators of domestic violence is to distance the victim from all family and friends so that they feel alone, as if there is no help. Those feelings only perpetuate the cycle of violence.

In Mecca, California, a man, who forced his ex-girlfriend to leave with him, was tracked down by police and was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence. According to reports, the man was making the woman go with him to an apartment building. Witnesses told police about what was going on and they proceeded to track the man down and eventually catch up with him and the woman.

Because many victims of domestic violence tend not to speak about the violence or report it, it is difficult for authorities to arrest the perpetrators. Only when the violence is reported can the police act. Along with the police being able to assist domestic violence victims, the courts can ensure that the victims are protected from further abuse by issuing protective orders. Protective orders range from temporary to permanent and work to attempt to keep the abuser away from the victim. People who have been victims of domestic violence should use every legal means at their disposal to protect themselves.

Source: KESQ News Channel 3, "Deputies track down domestic violence suspect," May 20, 2014