R. Kelly may face jail time for failure to pay child support

People who are ordered to pay child support need to understand that the courts take satisfying a child support obligation very seriously. The whole premise behind child support is to ensure that the children of a break-up or divorce are taken care of financially. Children in these types of situations should not suffer when it comes to things that they need. This is why the courts govern child support in such a way that will hold the payer accountable when payments are not made. Child support enforcement is typically handled through the court system.

R. Kelly, a world-renowned R&B singer, may soon find himself in jail for failure to pay child support. According to court records and based on a claim filed by Mr. Kelly's ex-wife, R. Kelly is in arrears of about $20,000 in child support. Not only has Mr. Kelly not made the required payments, he missed a court hearing pertaining to this matter. Hence, there is a strong possibility that R&B star may land in jail as a penalty.

Although the courts determine the amount of child support that is to be paid and act as a resource for those wishing to enforce orders having to do with payments, the courts are not unreasonable if someone in good faith cannot make the payments. Modification orders are feasible alternatives where appropriate. In order for a child support order to be modified, the person who has to pay must go in front of the court and explain why a modification is necessary. In cases of true financial hardship, an order may be modified.

Failing to make payments is a sure-fire way to alienate the courts and worsen a child support situation.