Divorces in an instant are feasible in California

Property division, among other things, is just the tip of the iceberg when going through a divorce. There are so many I's that have to be dotted and T's that have to be crossed with respect to ensuring that all matters are handled appropriately when in the midst of a divorce. Property division, as well as dividing up other marital assets, is a hot topic because it goes to the financial holdings of the individuals involved. Coming out of a marriage financially secure is the goal, especially since divorce proceedings can seriously hamper one's financial status.

The length of a divorce can adversely impact one's finances. Lawyer's fees, coupled with expert fees where applicable, can play havoc on the wallet, especially since divorce proceedings are usually long and drawn out. Contested divorces catch the brunt of the financial blow, because in these types of cases, participants tend to rely heavily on attorneys to get the job done. With that in mind, a court in San Diego, California, is starting a pilot program where couples can obtain a divorce in one day. If the divorce is uncontested and the parties are willing and able to do so, they may seek and be granted a one-day divorce.

One-day divorces could change the way the legal profession views and handles divorces. Because a lot of resources would not have to be expended in handling a simple divorce proceeding, these court resources could be allocated to other areas that require their attention. People will also save money and time in utilizing this type of legal program.

Lessening the time spent on a divorce can be potentially beneficial for all involved, couples and the courts alike.