Mother denies actor visitation rights to see his daughter

In Orange County, child custody is treated very seriously. When there is a custody dispute, disagreement about visitation rights or an attempt to alter agreed to visitation plans, it can lead to an extended battle between the parents. Regardless of the situation between the custodial parent and the other parent, child custody should be handled with the child's best interests in mind.

Actor, Tyrese Gibson, known for his work in the Fast and Furious series, is engaged in a dispute with his ex-wife over visitation rights to see their 6-year-old daughter. Mr. Gibson arrived at the home of his ex-wife to pick up the child for his agreed-to visitation, but the mother refused to allow him to have the child. Police were called to prevent Mr. Gibson from taking the child because the mother stated that the child was ill. Mr. Gibson left his ex-wife's home without their child. The couple had been married for less than a year when they divorced. Mr. Gibson pays over $6,000 per month in child support, pays for the rent on the mother's home and the child's expenses.

Child custody is a frequent issue between parents. In certain cases, there is no problem with the couple coming to an agreement acceptable to both parties, when it comes to visitation rights, who will be the custodial parent and how much support will be paid. In others, a custody dispute can grow acrimonious and be a battle every step of the way. In some instances, there is a reason for a parent to be concerned about the child being with the other parent, and the custody dispute stems from an unsafe environment. What is paramount in any case is how the child will best be cared for.

In the case of Mr. Gibson, he and his ex-wife have had an ongoing series of disagreements as to the care of the child. Whether it is a custody dispute, dispute over visitation rights or any other source of contention within a child custody case, the wisest course of action, before anything else, is to discuss the matter with an attorney.