Tips for Child Custody Cases

Child custody disputes can bring out the worst behaviors in parents. The last thing that you want is for a simple mistake or oversight to cause you to lose custody. Below are some simple yet important tips to help parents who are going through a child custody case.

Essential child custody tips for parents:

  • Cooperate with your spouse: Do your best to maintain communication with the other parent and make an effort to present a united front. It’s not about how you feel about the other parent – it is about how to help your children thrive during difficult times. If you show sincere attempts to cooperate, the courts may view you in a favorable light.
  • Don’t engage in mudslinging or badmouthing: Children are usually very perceptive of interactions between their parents and what one says about the other. Avoid saying anything negative things about the other parent in front of your children, as it can cause confusion and stress in their home environment.
  • Create a stable environment: Make sure you maintain a stable job and can provide a healthy environment for your children. Don’t do drugs, get arrested, or associate with sketchy characters, as it can come back to hurt your custody case.
  • Be involved with your children: Show that you are taking an active role in your child’s development by getting involved in your child’s extracurricular activities, getting to know their teachers, and taking care of their essential needs. Overall, do your best to spend quality time with your child and make them feel loved.
  • Document everything: Keep detailed logs of activities with your children, incidents with the other parent, and other communication between you and the other parent. Make sure you have a folder that includes all your notes, child support records, and other evidence relating to your child custody case.

At Burch Shepard Family Law Group, our Newport Beach child custody attorneys have vast experience helping parents resolve complex custody disputes. Whether we are protecting your interests in mediation, negotiation, or fighting for you in trial, we work hard to find a sound and balanced solution for your family while minimizing stress to your children.