Is There Such Thing as a "Quick Divorce" in California?

To be clear, most legal processes in California are never truly “quick.” The courts handle hundreds of cases each day, and judges hear a wide range of family law cases, from child custody decisions to long, exhaustive divorces. That said, our Newport Beach divorce attorneys cannot stress enough the importance of communication and discussing your divorce matter with your spouse.

While we understand that no case will be cut and dry, your case can progress faster and be completed in months, as opposed to years for some more complex divorce cases. An uncontested divorce, for example, is usually completed much more smoothly than a contested divorce, for the very reason that neither spouse objects to the settlement.

The Six-Month Waiting Period

In California, there is at least a six-month waiting period, which is used to prove residency in the state. Therefore, the “quickest” amount of time that you can file and have your divorce completed is six months from the date that you have petitioned your divorce. As a reminder, this timeline is applicable when all variables are aligned in your favor and you and your spouse are in agreement on all major issues.

These matters might include the following:

An uncontested divorce may offer the quickest path towards resolving your case quickly. As always, if you need assistance with this matter, you should first consult with our Newport Beach divorce lawyers at Burch Shepard Family Law Group for further assistance with your divorce matter.

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