Answers to your questions about dividing complex assets

Divorce is rarely simple, and it becomes increasingly complicated when there are complex assets that must be divided, such as business or investment assets, retirement accounts, real estate and family property. These are often some of the most stressful and contentious issues that must be dealt with in a divorce, particularly when the assets involved are substantial.

To help you learn what to expect from the asset division process in California, we have released a white paper titled "Complex Division: Splitting Assets in a California Divorce." In it, we provide insight into some of the things you may be wondering about, such as:

  • What property can be divided during divorce?
  • What property is kept separate?
  • What if we share a business?
  • What if I signed a prenuptial agreement?
  • What if my spouse is hiding money or other property?

If you have questions about what will happen to your home or other assets during your divorce, we invite you to read our white paper.