Protections for domestic violence victims vary

Often times victims of domestic violence do not know where to turn for help because the very idea behind domestic violence is to make the victim feel isolated and alone. The perpetrator of the violence is successful if the victim succumbs to and accepts the abuse; whether physical or psychological. For those who have never been in this type of situation, it is hard to understand why someone would endure a relationship of this sort and it is easy to sit in judgment. However, domestic violence victims not only have to work through protecting themselves in abusive relationships but they also have to ensure that their families are protected as well.

Nowadays, in light of all that has transpired recently in the sports world with respect to domestic violence, it is a topic of conversation in many circles. Providing victims with the necessary resources to make sure that they are safe and remain safe are priorities for the authorities and the courts. One way that various states are attempting to impact instances of domestic violence is by making it illegal for perpetrators to have access to firearms. Many states are taking the position that those who have been convicted of domestic violence charges have to surrender their firearms. This could go a long way to curbing instances of violence.

Supporting and passing legislation to make it harder for abusers to commit acts of violence against others is a solid step in protecting the victims. Outside of legislation, there are orders of protection available to victims. Restraining orders, both temporary and permanent, make it illegal for the abuser to come within a certain distance of the victim. In order for the courts to act in this manner, the one being abused has to compel the court to do so and this is done by reporting the violence to the authorities and filing a claim.

Domestic violence is a recognized problem that is being addressed through the courts and the legislature, respectively.