Famous producer allegedly owes a bundle in child support

One of the most contested issues in a divorce proceeding is child support. Although other matters like child custody and property division can also be highly contentious, child support payments always seem to be in dispute.

The court determines, through using a mathematically based court approved formula, how much child support needs to be paid. Now the court has the authority to make child support determinations and modifications, but the court will only asset its control in this area if the parties do not come to an agreement on their own terms.

Fighting over child support normally occurs because of delinquent payments. Child support impacts all couples that are ending a relationship and have children. For instance, Stevie J, a well-known music producer, is on the hook for $1 million in overdue child support payments. Allegedly, Stevie J has not paid child support in quite some time, hence the exorbitant amount. Attorneys for the plaintiff took the case to federal court because the case could not be resolved in family court. This case has been going on for about one year.

Most child support cases are heard in family court, which means that the family court judge will make the necessary legal decisions in the case. Usually child custody matters are finalized prior to going to court for child support. Normally, the parent awarded physical custody of the child is the one that receives the support payments. The purpose behind child support is to ensure that the child is financially secure and that their needs are met even when their parents are no longer together.