NFL running back suspended for domestic violence case

Domestic violence is a societal problem that knows no ethnic, cultural or economic bounds. This means that domestic violence can impact anyone, no matter their background. Because domestic violence is oftentimes secretive and hidden from the authorities and the courts, it is difficult at times to give assistance to those who are being victimized by this type of violence.

Our readers may have heard the news that Ray Rice, a prominent professional football player for the Baltimore Ravens, was suspended for two games for an arrest based on a charge of domestic violence. The Ravens running back was caught on an elevator camera allegedly hitting his fiancée and being physically abusive. Rice is currently in a diversion program for domestic violence and this could lead to his record being cleared in the end.

In cases where domestic violence is not reported, there obviously is no police investigation or any other type of investigation. The only way to get law enforcement and the courts involved in domestic violence matters is usually for the victim to report the violence. Once reported, the authorities can then mount an investigation and make arrests where necessary. If the charges are upheld and the case is prosecuted, depending on the outcome the courts have the authority to issue protective orders to ensure the safety of the victim and other family members.

There is no easy solution to dealing with issues of domestic violence. As such, anyone in California who is directly impacted by violence between family members should know their legal rights.