Pattern of domestic violence preceded violent gun crime

Many families right here in Orange County put on brave faces each morning when they start their days. While at their jobs or at school, they blend into the folds of normalcy that others seem to portray. They do their best to cover the problems that exist in their homes and that sometimes results in domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a serious problem that affects parents, children and other familial relations. Whether a victim is a direct target of another person's violence or witnesses the violence committed against another, the repercussions of living in an unstable household can last for years. A recent news story demonstrates how a pattern of domestic violence can morph into more violent actions, in a short amount of time.

A 33-year-old man was recently arrested in Texas for allegedly shooting six people to death, including four children. One of the adult victims was his ex-wife's sister. He allegedly went on the rampage because his former sister-in-law would not tell him where his ex-wife had gone.

The man faced several serious charges of domestic violence in the past, beginning in 2008. He was charged with assault and domestic violence against his wife and had subsequent allegations brought against him by his mother and sister. Just days before the man's attack on the six victims his mother accused him of duct taping her to a chair and strangling her.

Many people try to keep family issues within the walls of their homes. However, domestic violence is a dangerous offense that can spin out of control with deadly speed. Anyone who suffers from domestic violence has rights to stop their attackers and seek protection from the courts of Orange County.