Man faces domestic violence charges in California

Domestic violence is a very serious problem that can lead to devastating results if it is not addressed. A common component with domestic violence is that it usually entails a cycle of abuse both physical and psychological. The signs of physical abuse associated with this type of violence are easily seen. However, the psychological toll that domestic violence takes on its victims are not readily visible and may in some cases have a greater negative impact than even the physical abuse.

In California, a man allegedly tried to throw his wife from a moving car over a bridge. While traveling across a bridge in San Francisco with his wife, the husband attempted to drive his car off the bridge. When that failed, he forcefully took his wife out of the car with the idea of throwing her over into the water below.

The man supposedly failed in his attempt and fell over himself. Bystanders were able to pull the woman back over the railing. The man was charged with domestic violence and attempted murder.

Most times, acts of domestic violence are not as blatant and as public as the abovementioned synopsis. Because domestic violence often occurs in the privacy of one's home, it is very difficult for the authorities and the courts to act due to the fact that they are often times not privy to information that would allow them to do so.

Reporting domestic violence matters to the police is important in putting an end to the violence. Once the authorities are involved, then the courts can act if the victim of the violence so chooses. This could lead to the divorce of the couple and an order for protection for the abused spouse. In addition, if the couple has children, the courts could take action to protect the children as well.

The courts are there for those who are subjected to domestic violence and can assist in ensuring that the violence stops. Dealing with domestic violence can be an emotional and confusing time. Those unsure about their option should seek advice about their situation. This will only ensure their rights and interest are protected.

Source: Daily News, "California man falls off Bay bridge after allegedly attempting to throw wife over," Nina Golgowski, Dec. 18, 2013