Beyonce's father faces child support woes

The courts take a hardline when it comes to child support. The whole purpose of child support is to ensure that the child or children of a broken relationship are provided for financially. Because the little people at the center of child support matters have no way of speaking up for themselves or protecting their rights when it comes to financial security, the courts take on the role of overseer and look to make sure that the children are okay. It is important to note that the courts take child support and child support enforcement very seriously.

Even celebrities get caught up in child support issues. For instance, Matthew Knowles, father of pop-star Beyonce, is having his own child support battles as of late. The mother of his child, who had the baby out of wedlock, is taking Mr. Knowles to court for unpaid child support. Apparently, according to court records Knowles is supposed to pay $12,000/month for his son. The child's mother is seeking $24,000 in back payments

Although the courts want to enforce that child support be paid in a timely fashion, the courts are not trying to thrust anyone in financial hardship with respect to the payments. As such, the courts will readily listen to claims of economic challenges as well as a change in financial circumstances when adjusting or modifying a child support order. However, in order for this request to be processed, the party involved has to go to court and file a motion or petition to have the order changed and supporting documentation for the request would have to be provided as well.

In the mind of the courts, there is probably no valid reason why child support payments are not made on time especially if the payor does not reach out to the court to explain their situation. Communication is the key to avoiding legal battles when it comes to child support.

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