Common Conflicts Lead to Orange County Divorce

When supermodel Heidi Klum and singer Seal recently announced the end of their relationship, many fans were surprised and disappointed. The cause of a breakup can many times be related to tolerance levels of each partner. In fact, according to reports, Seal's uncontrolled temper proved to be the "deal breaker" for Klum, especially his anger around the couple's four children.

While celebrity divorces are not new to Orange County, this latest breakup provides some lessons and insights for everyone in a relationship.

People enter relationships with certain expectations, which change over time. Some turn out to be vitally important to the relationship, so that failure to meet one of these expectations becomes a "deal breaker." When something - such as uncontrolled anger - makes it impossible to continue as a couple the assistance of an Orange County divorce attorney is needed to negotiate the dissolution.

Different "Deal Breakers" for Men and Women

Over time, men commonly complain about nagging and the unwillingness of their wives to give up any of their independence. Husbands also find that lack of flexibility in making decisions can cause irreconcilable differences in a relationship.

Women, on the other hand, find the following male qualities to be deal breakers:

  • cheating,
  • dishonesty in the relationship and
  • stinginess

Many women often find it intolerable when their husbands do not have a plan for the future.

Areas of conflict between a husband and wife are likely to change over the course of the relationship. However, identifying deal breakers and communicating them to your partner is a way to make sure you are both on the same page. If you have reached the breaking point, a skilled Orange County family lawyer can provide guidance regarding the divorce process.

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