Domestic violence allegations lead to restraining order

Abuse allegations are often a pretext for the end of a marriage. When there are issues related to domestic violence in a marriage, the person who makes the allegations of abuse needs to understand that there is the right to seek protection through a restraining order. One particular case in California involving a member of the state assembly was discussed here in a previous post. Now the case has been settled with a decision to grant the ex-wife a restraining order.

The assemblyman and his wife had a brief marriage that included assertions on her part that he abused her. A judge decided to grant her a restraining order for three years. Under the terms of the order for protection, the man is required to stay a minimum of 100 yards way from her, her place of work and her home. In addition, the divorce was also recently finalized. The wife, who is a councilwoman, is allowed to have 15 feet of distance between herself and her ex-husband when there are public events. The couple was married in 2013 and moved forward with a divorce filing in December of 2014.

The restraining order was sought in April of 2016 after the assemblyman was alleged to have made an accusation that his wife was having an affair, used a belt to choke her, beat her using a broom, punched her chest and issued threats with a knife. The judge deemed the wife's testimony as credible and, as a result, granted the restraining order. For his part, the assemblyman denies the charges.

When there is a domestic violence complaint, it is important that the victim seek protection to keep the alleged abuser away.