California man jailed on domestic violence and animal cruelty

On behalf of Robert Burch of Burch Shepard Family Law Group posted in Domestic Violence on Thursday, September 25, 2014.

Because of recent events, domestic violence has taken a front seat in California and across the nation. The incidents of domestic violence in professional sports as of late have put a much needed light on the topic. Although this type of violence is nothing new and has been a consistent problem that has plagued society for quite some time, it took certain well publicized events for domestic violence to get a voice of sorts. Because the violence is so intimate in nature, victims often do not report the violence out of fear for themselves, and their families therein making it difficult for the authorities to assist affected individuals.

Domestic violence can take many forms and all have the tendency to be extremely abusive both physically and emotionally. A man in California was arrested for domestic violence, among other things, after his girlfriend called the police and told them about her domestic situation. Seemingly, the last straw for the woman was when her ex-significant other apparently killed her dog and allegedly cooked it. Although there is no evidence that the man cooked the dog, other violent acts towards the woman coupled with this act of animal cruelty were enough for his arrest.

When one is faced with domestic violence, reporting the violent abuse has to be the first step. If no one knows about the abusive situation, help is not on the way and most likely the situation will just continue. Once the authorities are aware of what is going on appropriate actions can be taken. Also, once the victim opens up about what is happening, legal proceedings can commence. Protection orders can be issued by the courts to assist the victim and these can be either temporary or permanent in nature.

Talking about domestic violence and putting a voice to it may go a long way in helping victims of domestic violence. The court system is also set up to help.