Famous singer and her ex are in a custody battle

When there is a child custody dispute, it often times becomes highly emotional and can be very complex. There are a lot of interests that have to be protected when there is a dispute of this nature. The most important interest that the courts must look over is that of the child. Because many times in custody disputes children are overlooked and take a back seat to everything else that is going on during a divorce or a separation, the courts have to be the voice of the children. This is why the courts adhere to the best interest of the child standard. This standard ensures that the children are protected and heard.

Child custody disputes know no boundaries in that they can affect and impact the lives of anyone that is a parent that is looking to end a relationship. Fantasia Barrino, a well-known singer and entertainer, is currently in a child custody dispute with the father of her daughter. The father is claiming that he would provide a better and more stable family life for his daughter. However, Barrino disputes this claim and counterclaims that the child's father has been an absentee father and has not contributed financially to the upbringing of his child. The contentious nature of the claims doesn't fare well for a speedy resolution in this matter.

Child custody can go one of two ways, it can either be amicable or not. In amicable child custody the courts are merely there to rubber stamp more or less the agreement that the parties have already come to. That is not to say that the court will not look at the agreement to make sure that the best interest of the child standard is maintained, but as long as it is the courts will not get in the way of a mutual agreement between the parents. In contested cases, the courts will obviously play a greater role.

Matters surrounding child custody can be complicated but there is nothing saying that they have to be. Agreements are reached all of the time.