Domestic violence in the spotlight

Domestic violence is at the forefront of national news which is a good thing. Domestic violence disputes negatively impact families and their ability to function and be a part of society. Because this violence is very secretive and often unspoken, it is extremely difficult to ascertain at times that the violence is actually occurring. It is only after some overt act, like the victim coming forward, that the authorities can get involved to protect the victim and others from the violence.

With the recent events in the sports world shedding light on the problems of domestic violence, more professional athletes are being called to the carpet on this issue. A number of athletes have been arrested for domestic violence in recent months. Some professional sports teams seem to be taking a hard line on this type of violence and suspending players that participate in such actions. Many critics have complained, however, that the teams and the leagues are not doing enough.

Domestic violence has been around forever and victims have been suffering for just as long. The national spotlight that is now being shed on this subject is long overdue. Because domestic violence can be emotionally and psychologically crippling for its victims, many victims do not feel empowered or safe enough to come forward and report the violence. This makes it difficult to stop the violence.

The authorities and the courts are there to help protect the victims once they are made aware of the situation. Temporary and permanent restraining orders are just two of the weapons at the courts' disposal. Seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney can help set forth a plan of action to break free from the abuse and bring justice to a tragic situation.