Five Signs You May Be Headed for Divorce

Marriage is rarely smooth sailing for many years on end. Every couple has different wishes or opinions on a particular subject and this may lead to disagreements and arguments. However, it’s perfectly possible to overcome these squabbles and get your relationship back on track. However, if you find yourself fighting frequently and your relationship has lost some of the “spark” that had you saying “I do,” you may be on your way to a divorce. Here are five signs that your relationship may be headed that route and you should start considering your legal options.

Your Happiness is Impacted

When you and your partner are happy together, you are likely happy as individuals. When you’re not happy with each other, the rest of your life could suffer the consequences. If your partner seems shut down, hostile, or critical of you most of the time, or if interactions with each other become extremely dramatic affairs, a divorce may be the only way to escape the constant negativity.

Your Interactions are Not Positive

Are you interacting with each other negatively as much or more often than you interact positively? This is a sign that your relationship may be headed downhill. More frequent negative interactions can often place both of you on the defensive and turn what would have been an otherwise positive interaction into a negative one quickly as well. If you’re fighting or arguing more than getting along, a divorce may be the best option.

You Find Reasons to Avoid Your Partner

Do you dread going home and seeing your partner’s car parked in the driveway? Do you spend more time seeing friends and extended family than at home with your spouse? Do you hate going inside knowing that you’ll have to deal with your spouse or the stress of your family situation? This kind of home turmoil is usually a big warning sign that a divorce may be imminent, and for the best.

Your Instincts Are Telling You to Get a Divorce

Your own intuition can tell you a lot about your relationship: if you feel like your relationship may benefit from a divorce, you are probably right. If you’re still not sure, talk to your family and closest friends about your relationship and get their advice—they have your best interests in mind and can advise you further.

Values or Priorities Have Changed

Marriages often form because of mutually-common goals and ambitions in life. However, major crossroads, such as job offers that require relocation or a new passion to pursue may create a conflict that’s difficult to overcome. Unless both of you can find a way to make your lives work with the potential new situation that’s in front of you, your relationship may need to come to an end.

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