Mistakes in High Asset Divorce

All divorces are unpleasant. However, high asset divorces are notorious for being some of the most contentious and complex cases in the legal realm. This is because both parties have so much more on the line, and are thus less willing to concede. A high asset divorce is qualified as such because one or both spouses have significantly contributed to the financial status of the marriage. These significant contributions include large estates or homes, various property, businesses, professional practices, cars, boats, and other valuables such as jewelry.

The financial components of a high asset divorce make it far more complex than a marriage in which there were no properties or businesses involved. Not only are both parties less likely to agree to give up a lifestyle they have become accustomed to, but these divorces will take longer to resolve simply due to the sheer amount of paperwork and forensic accounting analysis involved.

Our legal team highly advises you avoiding the following common mistakes when it comes to your high asset divorce:

  • Hiding assets or failing to look for hidden assets
  • Rushing to settle and ending up with less than you deserve, simply to end the divorce process sooner rather than later
  • Not considering tax consequences
  • Trying to get back at your ex by making unreasonable demands
  • Not hiring a divorce lawyer early on

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