Do I Have to Pay Spousal Support if My Ex Has a Job?

One of the most combative aspects of divorce is figuring out the finances. This is particularly challenging if one spouse is requesting spousal support, in which one party must make monthly payments to the other as a result of the divorce. Spousal support is not a required part of every divorce, though if it is part of yours, it will be one of the largest financial obligations you ever have.

There is no single solution to spousal support issues in divorce. This means every divorce may have a different outcome, and in some cases, you may still have to pay spousal support even if you feel you shouldn’t have to. However, it is generally expected for supported spouses to be actively looking for employment following a divorce. This prevents your ex-spouse from refusing to work for the rest of his or her life and simply living off your earnings. In most cases, if the supported spouse starts earning more than you, you can have the amount of support you pay will be reduced or terminated.

If you lose your job, or your income is reduced, you will be able to receive a temporary abatement of support in which you are not expected to keep up with payments as you initially did. If your ex-spouse remarries, your financial obligations will cease to exist.

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