Tips on Child Custody Plans During the Summer

With kids out of school for the summer, you might be thinking of fun vacation plans, but if you share custody with your ex, things can get a little complicated. However, if the two of you work out the details of your summer plans together, it will help eliminate potential problems that might arise. Less fighting will mean less stress and more time focusing on enjoying the time you have with your children without worrying about custody issues.

Here are some tips to help ensure you have one less thing to worry about this summer:

  • Make a vacation schedule and stick to it: Having a vacation schedule is crucial when you share custody and both parents have to work around each other’s schedules. Sit down with your ex and discuss your plans or you might end up back in court. Creating a schedule with your ex, perhaps with the help of your respective attorneys, will be much better for everyone, including the children, and ensure that you are both on the same page. With the summer plan in writing, everyone will be in the clear and able to enjoy the season.
  • Be certain you are not violating your custody agreement: Your custody agreement might have some limitations. For example, you might not be able to take your children out of the country or out of the state. If your plans involve options that would be in violation of your agreement, now is the time to get that agreement modified. Inform your ex that you would like to travel with the children for a summer vacation and make sure he or she signs off on it.
  • Provide sufficient notice: No matter how well you plan your summer vacation plans with the children, if it does not involve giving your ex adequate notice, you are going to run into some unpleasant problems. Give him or her at least a month or two to be aware of your plans with the kids over the summer break.
  • Exchange custody in a safe or neutral place: Child custody exchange does not have to be stressful. Ease the tension of this moment by meeting in a place where your children feel safe like a day care or school. This can be particularly helpful if you and your ex absolutely cannot tolerate being in the same room together.
  • Allow your children to communicate with the other parent while on vacation: Just because you are on vacation with your children does not mean it is acceptable to prevent them from speaking to their other parent. You might not be on good terms with your ex, but your children might miss their parent, so try not to be petty by enforcing a communication embargo that will only harm them. Allow them to text, call, email, or Skype to remain connected no matter how far they might be. Keep the peace between you and your ex and you are sure to enjoy a better summer vacation with your children.

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