3 Mistakes Dads Make During Divorce

Divorce is rarely an easy process for anyone, especially parents. Children tend to complicate the process by drawing out the proceedings. Both parents typically want to spend as much time with their kids as possible, which is why they decide to fight for full custody. However, there are a few mistakes dads tend to make during the process that could ruin their chances of gaining custody.

Losing Their Tempers

When couples get divorced, the process isn’t always amicable. It’s easy for both parents to lose their tempers with each other. However, courts might side against angry men, usually because they associate angry people with violence; courts always side against abusive fathers and husbands.

Using Kids as Pawns

Custody court always makes decisions based on the child’s best interests. If they notice you using your child as a messenger or attempting to turn your kid against your ex, a judge might decide you’re too emotionally abusive to be a good father. If both parents are severely abusive in an emotional or physical manner, the court may even choose to refuse custody to both parents and award it to grandparents or close relatives.

Trying to Win

Neither divorce nor custody is a game. Therefore, no one “wins” during a divorce. However, some couples do their best to turn the proceedings into a twisted game and consider their children and their property pieces to win. The best way to get what you want in a divorce is to be willing to compromise. Unwillingness to compromise looks bad, and you’re less likely to impress a judge if you’re too stubborn to share custody.

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