New bills are being legislated to help domestic violence victims

The psychological, physical and the emotional toll that domestic violence takes on its victims is unfathomable for some. In some cases the physical abuse is so extensive that it leads to prolonged, sustained injuries. Not only do victims have to endure all that comes with domestic violence on a personal level, they have to ensure the safety of their family as well. Domestic violence definitely affects every member of a victim's family which is why taking the right steps to end the violence often leads to the family dynamic changing in a substantial way.

One of the greatest assets for people in domestic violence situations is anonymity. Being able to file the appropriate court paperwork as it relates to domestic violence is difficult to do, especially when all of a person's personal information is shared not only with the court, but possibly with the abuser as well. A legislative bill is on the table that would keep the identity of the victim confidential, as well as require written permission from the victim to release any personal information. This bill could go a long way to protecting domestic violence victims.

The authorities and the courts want to make sure that victims of domestic violence and their families are safe and free from harm. This is can be done through a number of court mandated protective orders. These protective orders come in the form of temporary and permanent orders that force the abuser to stay away from the victim. If a temporary protective order is issued by the court, the victim has to make sure that they renew the order when it expires, if still applicable. There are programs in the works and organizations out there that want to help individuals faced with domestic violence.