Actor's ex seeking over $80,000 in child support to no avail

In many child support cases, the courts are seen as the bad guy because they determine the amount of money that one party has to pay to another. As a part of divorce, child support is often a highly contested matter. What the parties in child support cases need to recognize is that the court is not just selecting a number at random. They actually use a mathematical formula to calculate the amount of support that is to be paid. In some cases, whoever is receiving the support seeks more in monthly payments.

Jon Cryer, a television actor on a popular sitcom, won a court battle with his ex over child support. Currently, Cryer is paying $8,000 per month in child support for his teenaged son. The mother of the child took the case back to court arguing that Cryer needed to pay $88,000 per month to appropriately take care of their son by allowing him to live the life he is accustomed to financially. The court denied this court claim, stating that there has been no change in circumstance to warrant such an increase.

The courts look at all of the facts and circumstances involved when making child support decisions. The courts top priority is to do what is in the best interest of the child. Taking into account medical expenses, everyday expenses and the like, the court uses these factors and its standard mathematical process to come up with a payment amount. This amount is only increased or decreased, if proof is provided to the court supporting the claim.

The way the courts handle child supported is rather structured so changes to the structure are hard to come by, although not impossible. The key is to understand the process and your rights.