How Should My Children Find Out About the Divorce?

One of the worst things for your children is to find out about your divorce from anyone other than their parents. Regardless of age, children deserve to hear the truth from you and your alone. When children overhear a conversation between 2 adults, things are rarely explained correctly. Additionally, hearing about it from their friends, cousins, or other relatives can be an incredibly devastating experience, and it will be one that takes them ages to emotionally overcome.

It comes as no surprise divorcing parents dread telling their children of what is to come, as this decision affects them more than anyone else. An imminent divorce can weigh heavily on a parent, but there is no way to ensure your children take the news in a positive way. If your children are younger, you will need to tell them yourselves, preferably together. The concept of divorce will not be an easy one for them to comprehend, which is why having both parents put up a united front is the best approach. The older your children are, the more they can understand the situation. In this instance, you can afford to tell your child without your spouse, as long as you both agree with the message being delivered.

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