Keeping a Social Life Following Divorce

When you are married, your social life quickly becomes all about your spouse and the world you have built together. This is one of the biggest shocks for someone to face when they are in the midst of a divorce. Losing the social circle you both once shared can be devastating, as you may even feel a loss of your sense of identity. This is why it is vital you are quick to regain your sense of independence, as delaying this process will only make more difficult in the coming months and years.

After a divorce, it is important you find ways to keep yourself in the company of others. Even though you may feel uncomfortable attending events alone, it is important you don’t isolate yourself. Doing so will not only make your divorce that much more difficult, it will keep you from starting this new chapter of your life with ease.

The following are our tips on maintaining a social life following your divorce:

  • Get involved in community events, so you can reach out to locals you share interests with
  • Start a new hobby which connects you to other people, such as a sport or new activity
  • Rely on your existing friends and family--don't ice them out

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