Documents You Need to Show Your Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can be a long and drawn-out process, but you can make it a little simpler by preparing in advance. Here is a list of the most important documents to give to your attorney to get the process started.

Financial Documents

Anything related to how much you and your spouse each make individually will need to be presented to your lawyer. These can be evidence of your monthly expenses, tax documents, pay stubs, records of savings accounts, retirement accounts, and securities. Depending on how many of these are marital or separate assets, you may have to divide some of them. These documents might also include records of any shared or divided debts.

Property Documents

If you and your spouse own a home or business together, they will likely need to be appraised. If you have proof of valuation, you can hand a copy of this over to your attorney. If not, you will need to present a copy of the title to your home as well as any mortgage documents, lease agreements, real-estate related financial statements, and promissory notes. Likewise, you will need to show the record of the sale of any former property you might have sold. If you removed anything from the marital home, you would also need to make a list of those items in addition to a list detailing all items left in the home; this second should include property you brought into the marriage, property acquired by both of you as a couple, and assets acquired by gift or inheritance.

Insurance Documents

If you and your spouse have policies covering life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, income insurance, and so on, you should present copies of these to your attorney.

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