Impact of California domestic violence on minors

A common misconception is that California domestic violence cases usually have to do with violent situations involving mature couples. Mature in this sense meaning older, married couples. The reality is that domestic violence can impact anyone no matter the age group. Individuals that perpetrate this type of violence on another are usually in an intimate relationship with that person. Being in a relationship of any kind can lend itself to domestic violence.

A growing number of teens and college aged individuals are increasingly becoming victims of domestic violence. This is not something that the public readily thinks about, especially where younger people are concerned because domestic violence has always been defined in terms of married couples. Domestic abuse often centers on a husband and a wife. However, any form of relationship, whether it be a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship or a more casual type of pairing, there is no way to predict who will be a victim. In particular, violence in teen dating is on the rise. It is difficult to address this specific issue because many parents of younger people that may be in a potentially abusive or an abusive relationship have a hard time believing that it's actually occurring.

The fact that there is an element of disbelief when it comes to teens and domestic violence can make it that much more difficult for the victims to seek help. Because this type of violence is so psychologically damaging on top of being emotionally and physically unbearable, victims are left to feel that they are on their own with no hope of assistance. The abuser thrives off of the fear a domestic violence victims feels and uses that to their advantage. Once a victim knows that there are steps that they can take to end the violence and that there are agency out there to assist them, then they may feel empowered to act.

Unfortunately, neither minors nor adults are shielded from domestic violence. But, an attorney may be able to help navigated the system.