Senate bill would shield children from domestic violence

Children are some of the most innocent victims of domestic violence. Most parents, and people in California as a whole, want to see that children are protected from domestic abuse. Now, the California Senate has taken a step forward to make sure that happens.

A bill has been passed 36-0 by the California Senate that would protect children of domestic abuse during the course of court proceedings and afterwards. Currently, the law protects spouses who have been victims of domestic abuse by allowing them to obtain protective orders that will last throughout court proceedings and as many as 10 years afterwards. However, families would have to obtain another order for protection, which can be hard to accomplish or could even be dangerous.

However, under SB910 children will be afforded the same protection as spouses, closing a loophole in the law that narrowly defined domestic violence. The bill is on its way to the California Assembly.

An order for protection can be an important tool in keeping victims of domestic violence safe. These orders can do many things, such as preventing the abuser from living with the victim. Protective orders may even prohibit the abuser from contacting the victim. In addition, an order of protection can prevent an abuser from obtaining a firearm. The abuser may not even be allowed to be near the victim's place of work.

As this shows, an order of protection can go a long way in keeping victims of domestic violence safe. Victims who wish to learn more about protective orders may want to seek the guidance of a professional, who can help explain their rights.