Actress' husband files for divorce and custody of unborn child

There are many layers to a divorce, with a number of matters that have to be resolved. Many of the issues, if not contested, can be handled and disposed of quite quickly and efficiently, thus making the divorce proceedings fairly painless. However, there are other matters in a divorce that no matter how uncontested the rest of the proceedings may be, this particular issue will be contested. One of the hot-button divorce topics is child custody. Parents are very protective of their children and want the best for them in life. When a divorce occurs, there is the potential that the children in the divorce are negatively impacted because of the situation.

Divorce among celebrities may be even more difficult to handle because everything is so public. Case in point, actress Sherri Shepherd's husband wants a divorce. He filed for legal separation in California, which will become a divorce after he satisfies the six-month residency requirement for divorce in California. This particular divorce may end up being more complicated because of the unborn child that is involved. A surrogate is carrying the couple's child and Ms. Shepherd's soon-to-be ex-husband wants legal and physical custody of the child. By making this type of custody claim, he wants to limit Shepherd's contact with the child outside of court ordered visitation rights.

A child custody dispute can take over divorce proceedings. There are many different custody options that a court could agree to, as long as the final choice is in the best interest of the child. Joint custody is usually the most equitable approach, allowing each parent to have an equal amount of time with the child. However, joint custody is not always appropriate in certain child custody matters, and this is for a judge to determine.

Source: Madame Noire, "Sherri Shepherd's Husband Wants Custody Of Baby On The Way Via Surrogate AND Spousal Support In Divorce," Victoria Uwumarogie, May 10, 2014