Domestic violence in California is on the rise

Victims of domestic violence face both physical and psychological injuries as a result of the abuse. Domestic violence has to do with so much more than just the physical abuse of the victim. Usually, the family of the victim of this type of violence is impacted, just as much as the person that is abused. With that, domestic violence takes on a destructive existence for all of those involved directly and indirectly.

There are a number of domestic violence cases that occur in California. In 2011, the statistics show that there were about 147 murders that were attributable to domestic violence. This translated to approximately 11% of the murders that took place in California were the result of domestic violence. These facts are astonishing. A number of people living in California will have to deal with a domestic violence situation. Nonetheless, there are shelters and programs available for victims of domestic violence to help them through this difficult time.

Victims and the families of victims of this type of violence do have resources, legal and non-legal, to turn to help them through this difficult time. Legally, the courts are looking to ensure the safety of the victim. Protective orders are utilized to serve this function. They require that the abuser keep a mandated distance from the victim. Temporary restraining orders, as well as permanent restraining orders, are within the courts purview when handling domestic violence cases.

Victims do have a voice when it comes to domestic violence. Help is available, but the key is to seek it as soon as possible.